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NaturalCures welcomes an Holistic Homeopath from Down Under!

Martin Costigan has spent much of his adult life helping others to live more holistically. He is a classical homeopath who practises out of his own clinic, Living Water Homeopathy, in Brisbane, Australia. His qualifications and life experience have equipped him well to offer professional homeopathic care. Originally Martin obtained a degree in Medical Laboratory Science and worked in hospitals, co... »

Face Facts: Eczema Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain: Five Top Tips to Tackle the Condition

We love helping out our customers here in the NaturalCures office, which is why when a member contacted us via our forum to ask us for natural treatment options for her eczema, we were on the case immediately. An inflammation of the skin associated with blisters, red bumps, swelling, oozing, scaling, crusting and itching, eczema affects children and adults and can be caused by anything from the en... »

Natural Cures Welcomes Stacey

Here at, the scent of a new contributing expert is in the air! We would like to welcome aromatherapist and licensed spiritual healer, Stacey Hall. Stacey is CEO and founder of The Hall Institute of Intuitive Wellness, and is a certified aromatherapy and natural therapies’ coach.  She is also the organizer of the Aromatherapy and Wellness – Las Vegas Meet Up Group (http://www.meetu... »

Cleaning green with essential oils

Aromatherapy is an excellent resource for addressing bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections that normally thrive in homes and offices, and which are created by toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Experience teaches us that at least half of the trauma caused by toxic chemicals manifests itself as stress. At least another one fourth of the total problem is bacterial, fungal, viral and paras... »

A belated Merry Christmas to you all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas period and I look forward to getting to know you all more in the New Year. Best Wishes Lee Remember to always consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before embarking on any treatment, it’s your health and it’s IMPORTANT. Disclaimer If you enjoy reading these articles you might be interested in receiving our monthly newsletter. Read more here Members do... »

40% of KFC chicken contains too much antibiotics?

KFC, owned by Yum brands is reeling today after the Shanghai Food & Drug Administration (SFDA) confirmed that 8 of 19 samples of chicken tested contained “overly high” levels of antibiotics according to Reuters. ANY trace of antibiotics is too much for me and the reason I do not eat at ANY fast-food restaurant anywhere I go. It is thought that Poultry farmers in Shangdong fed Anti-... »

Keeping Kidney Energy Topped Up this Holiday Season the Traditional Chinese Way

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory considers the human body to be influenced by the changing of the seasons and the elements. If there is too much rain in an area like London or Seattle, people from that area might have too much dampness in their body. The dampness is treated by eating foods and herbs that dry it up. Warm, spicy, easy-to-digest, slow-cooked stews and soups with lots of root veget... »

Day 15: Soap Scent-sations!

We’re just days away from December 25th and by now you may find you’ve powered through your list of chores, leaving you with a little time to do as you please. Great! It’s the last day of our fun Christmas Countdown here on the blog, and we suggest doing anything that makes you feel great: whether that’s a walk in the park, a quick power nap or watching a festive movie. I&#... »

Will You Rescue a Pet for the Holidays?

It’s no secret that millions of animals are euthanized every year because they have no home. Many people wanting an animal choose to buy one at a retail store rather than adopt from a local rescue. While the reasons for doing this may differ, there are always much greater benefits to adopting a homeless animal than buying one. Here are a few things to think about that might persuade you to o... »

Day 14: Switch Off and Zone Out!

Welcome back to our Christmas Countdown, which sees us share a tip a day with you as we head towards December 25th. We’re now on our penultimate day (day 14) and we’re sharing with you one of our favourite ways to relax at this time of year. These days, many of us probably spend more hours in the day with the laptop whirring and our cell phones buzzing than we do with them switched off. But today ... »

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