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Embrace GM or else, farmers told

It’s not just in the States that genetically modified foods are headline news. Here in the UK, a story has just broken that will chill all supporters of organic and natural growing methods. It has certainly caused concern among the team here at In a bid to modernise farming, the Government is pushing the benefits of genetically modified crops. Ministers want farmers, policy-maker... »

The Tooth Hurts: 6 Reasons to Choose an Holistic Dentist

A boy of five who received a £9,000 ($14,554 USD or £14.341 in Canadian dollars) payout from a dentist who failed to notice disease in his teeth made headlines in the UK recently. Aged just three. Cameron Jackson had 13 decayed teeth removed and has been left with just seven, until his adult set grow. His mother took legal action against the dentist, who failed to notice the decay and she has now ... »

Vomiting Bug Figures – Are They Just Sickening Hype?

New figures released in the UK claim Christmas was ruined for around 100,000 people due to the vomiting norovirus bug. Yet the Health Protection Agency responsible for the data doesn’t seem to be able to back up the numbers. It admits there were only 3,877 cases which were actually confirmed. The total is higher, the Agency says, because for each confirmed case, there were another 288 cases which ... »


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