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After Norovirus, Flu Returns with a Vengeance: What You Can to Do Combat it Naturally

According to the Health Protection Agency, the number of people consulting their doctors with symptoms of flu has jumped by almost half in just a fortnight. If you’ve come down with the flu, here’s what you can do to combat it naturally: If you’re suffering from the chills which usually go hand in hand with viruses like flu, take a look at our recent blog article which offers a host of handy natur... »

Eat and Scrub Your Way to a Healthier Face and Body in 2013

We all know that eating healthily is key to a healthier body. And thanks to a new website – – as mentioned in Kevin Trudeau’s revised edition of More Natural Cures Revealed, we can all take steps to improved health. But raw superfoods don’t have to be eaten and digested to be beneficial; they can be applied to the skin in the form of skincare products. A pioneer for fresh, ra... »

Out With the Old, In With the New: Why Acupuncture Helps Detoxify the Body

When I was an intern, my teacher Althea told me that the acupuncture needles, when placed in the right places, open our bodies’ exterior for the universal energy, the Qi, to clear out the gunk – the toxins and impurities that congest our bodies. Now, after 22 years of clinical practice, three years of pre-med and seven years of scientific research, I have a scientific explanation for why acu... »

Let Only Good Spirits Guide You in 2013 and Beyond

In part I can only share bits and pieces of some of our ancient ways. There is a protocol on how information is passed down about our ceremonies and traditional ways. Many of these ways have been passed down to me directly by my own father who was born on his reservation in 1915, as well as my mother who was also born on her reservation. All of my grandparents on both my mother and father’s side w... »

A Rosy Glow: An Essential Oil for the Skin Favored by Kate Middleton and Co!

Amongst the mountain of gifts I received from family and friends this Christmas was a bottle of pure rosehip oil – said to be hugely beneficial for the skin. As a result of reading countless rave reviews about the product in the run up to Christmas, I promptly added it to my wish list. And sure enough, Father Christmas remembered my address this year and popped me a big bottle in my stocking. I ha... »


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