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Discounted drug? Then we’ll have it!

Everyone loves a bargain in the New Year sales – and it seems British healthcare watchdogs are no exception. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) back in 2011 said it could not recommended the drug Lucentis, used to treat diabetes-related problems, because it was too expensive. It was not an effective use of National Health Service (NHS) resources, it said. But come Jan... »

Why we’re getting our sneakers on: Walking linked to fewer strokes in women

The NaturalCures team has always extolled the virtues of walking – and new research confirms our belief that the hobby is beneficial towards health in a variety of ways.  In a study which featured in the journal Stroke, it was suggested that women who walk at least three hours each week are less likely to suffer a stroke than those who walk less, or who don’t walk at all. Studies have also linked ... »

Saturated fats to blame for male infertility

Men who like to tuck into rich cheeses and meat might like to re-think their diet if they want to become fathers. A new study has revealed that saturated fats such as those found in cheese, are responsible for dwindling sperm counts. The study has been carried out by Danish researchers at the Rigshopitalet in Copenhagen and is published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It found that ... »

Keep your brain sharp and let’s beat Alzheimer’s

More Americans than ever before are suffering from cognitive memory disorders. New research published by the Alzheimer’s Association reveals that the disease has reached epidemic proportions with a staggering 5.4 million Americans living with the condition. By 2050, this figure is expected to rise to 16 million. A new case of Alzheimer’s every 68 seconds One in eight Americans aged over 65 now has... »

Blood Clots: Is Aspartame to Blame?

A front page news story in The Enquirer discussed an investigation on Hillary Clinton (who is now recovering and back to work) to see if she was suffering from a brain tumor.  The piece stated she was suffering from blackouts, memory loss, headaches and vision problems, and had also spoken from a family insider.  The State Department immediately denied the article and a detailed story went in the ... »

New tuberculosis drug given go-ahead despite risk of death

US health regulators have approved a new Johnson & Johnson drug for tuberculosis patients. The drug, Bedaquiline, is the first in 40 years to tackle the disease, using a new mechanism of action that blocks an energy-carrying enzyme necessary for the growth of TB bacteria. But although the drug is effective according to preliminary tests, it does come with some dangerous and worrying side effec... »


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