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Tai chi performs miracles for diabetics

The ancient art of tai chi, renowned for its health and relaxation benefits, has now been proven to be a fantastic form of exercise for sufferers of diabetes.  Studies have shown this powerful martial art to lower blood glucose levels, induce weight loss, reduce insulin resistance and lower blood pressure.  Participants from one of the studies also claimed the additional benefits of increased ener... »

Aerobic Training for Fat Loss: Walking or Running?

Millions of people each year decide to embark on a weight-loss regimen, each determined to ensure that this year will be ‘the year’. However, for many, the results will be the same. For all the effort put in to improve the diet and increase exercise levels, the results achieved represent a mediocre return at best. Surely the hours spent pounding the pavements and sweating profusely des... »

Kidney Fried Chicken: Another Reason to Steer Clear of Fast Food?

We’re pretty sure 19-year-old UK student Ibrahim Langoo wasn’t licking his fingers when he discovered this ghastly sight in his recent KFC order. The ‘brain-like’ object, which has since been identified by the fast food giant as a kidney, was hiding in Ibrahim’s box of chicken after his visit to a local restaurant late last year. KFC has apologised to Ibrahim, who was... »

Meet Marek – our new fat-fighting champion

Marek Doyle is the director of London-based Blueprint Fitness. He is the UK’s only nutritionist-allergist-personal trainer and has spent the last seven years as both a personal trainer and nutritionist, giving him a unique inside into effective fat loss techniques. He specializes in digestive and adrenal health and his clients include world champion athletes, models and TV celebrities. Here at Nat... »

Meet…Andrea Butje: Aromatherapy Specialist and Author at Aromahead Institute!

We love hearing more about the lives and loves of our NaturalCures contributors and we’re pretty sure you do too. Today, we’re bringing you a fun Q&A with Andrea Butje, who’s a long-time fan of all things aromatherapy and even set up her own aromatherapy school – – as a result. She’s also just completed writing an informative new aromatherapy book: Essential Livi... »

That’s Magic! Sugar-free Vitamins and Nutrients for Kids

For parents-to-be, there are few things more worrying than the prospect of a premature birth. But when Dr Jeff McCombs’ wife Ana Maria went into labour with twins at just 25 weeks back in 2009, the early arrival turned out to be more worrying than first anticipated. Spending the first 133 days of Ana Sophia and Ethan Kai’s (who weighed just 1 1b 9 ounces and 1 1b 10 ounces respectively) lives in t... »

Are your supplements at risk?

Disastrous New Year Dietary Ingredients draft guidance threatens almost 30,000 supplements currently on the market in the US The question is: Are you prepare to sit back and let this happen? Well the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) is certainly not. The organization is an internationally active non-governmental body dedicated to promoting sustainable health and freedom of choi... »

Dry Skin? Face Up To It Naturally: 5 Top Tips

Dry skin? We feel your pain, quite literally. Here in England especially, this time of year can result in sore, irritated skin and hands. And while we can certainly cover our hands and nails with cosy gloves, it’s a little trickier to go about our day-to-day business without exposing our faces to the sometimes bitter conditions. Be aware that dry skin can strike at any time, though, not solely dur... »

Rhassoul Clay – A Luscious Alternative to Washing Your Face

Rhassoul clay is a great alternative to using soap to wash your face. Rhassoul clay is a beautiful reddish brown clay from the mountains of Morocco (also called Red Moroccan clay), which has been used as a soap for cleansing skin and hair for centuries. The clay is highly absorbing and my skin feels like silk after I use it. I keep a small jar of Rhassoul clay in the shower. I simply add a bit of ... »

World’s Biggest Juice Detox – DAY ONE

When I wrote the 7 Day Challenge article for the December newsletter I was unaware when I selected the 7th of January to do a juice fast that it was also the start date of the World’s Biggest Juice Detox set up by Jason Vale.  Great minds and all that!  I promised you I’d be on the blog with my daily progress, so here it is: Day One Woke up happy that the juice fast would commence today.  Af... »

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