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Luscious lavender recipes

Luscious lavender recipes

We all love lavender and we hope you’ll love these great recipes from NaturalCures contributor, aromatherapist, Andrea Butje . . .  The floral, fresh, herbaceous and sweet aroma of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) has a tranquil and often familiar aroma, making it a truly popular scent. Today lavender is grown in a number of countries including the USA, France, India, Bulgaria, Hungary, New... »

Aromatherapy masterclass: A fresh and fruity way to clean the home

Aromatherapy masterclass: A fresh and fruity way to clean the home

Here, our contributor Andrea Butje (aromatherapy expert at Aromahead) tells all about d-limonene – found in citrus oils, and how to clean your home effectively using the extracts of fruit bowl favourites like orange and grapefruit. Most citrus oils contain at least 60% d-limonene. The largest amounts of d limonene are found in the citrus oils, such as grapefruit, orange, clementine, and tang... »

Rhassoul Clay – A Luscious Alternative to Washing Your Face

Rhassoul clay is a great alternative to using soap to wash your face. Rhassoul clay is a beautiful reddish brown clay from the mountains of Morocco (also called Red Moroccan clay), which has been used as a soap for cleansing skin and hair for centuries. The clay is highly absorbing and my skin feels like silk after I use it. I keep a small jar of Rhassoul clay in the shower. I simply add a bit of ... »

Vanilla Infused Jojoba and Soothing Lip Balms

Making your own vanilla infused jojoba is easy! The main ingredient is vanilla oleoresin (Vanilla planifolia). Vanilla oleoresin production involves an alcohol extraction of vanilla beans, followed by removal of the alcohol by distillation in a vacuum. The oleoresin remaining after alcohol evaporation is a dark, luscious brown substance and is thicker than honey. It smells beautiful and can be add... »

Going Green with Avocado Oil

Have you tried using Avocado oil (Laurus persea) in your aromatherapy and massage blends? If not, I highly recommend this natural, fresh oil! While you and your clients enjoy the scent and texture of this carrier oil, it goes to work behind the scenes restoring and rejuvenating the skin naturally. Avocado oil is highly penetrating, deeply nourishing and softens dryskin. It’s known to help the uppe... »

Skin Healing Body Butter Recipe

Body Butters are pure nourishment for your skin. The true art of creating body butters has to do with the ratio of butter and oil to wax. To create a butter that is soft and easy to apply, a 6:1 ratio is ideal. Six parts of butters and oils to one part beeswax. The aromatic butter recipe below makes a silky, easily-applied moisturizing butter. Ingredients 2 oz Calendula oil 1 oz Neroli infused joj... »

Allergy Headache Inhaler

Allergies can cause headaches from the pressure of nasal congestion. Often using an essential oil inhaler can relieve this kind of a headache. Use the inhaler every 15 minutes for an hour whenever a headache starts to come on. The inhaler can also be used to ease the congestion itself. Ingredients: 4 drops Balsam Fir Essential Oil (Abies balsamea) 3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita)... »

3 Ways To Clean Wooden Cutting Boards

Cleaning cutting boards is easy and needs to be done well. Salmonella, E. coli and other bacteria can be found on used cutting boards. Plastic cutting boards can be washed in the dishwasher but wooden ones can easily be damaged by the dishwasher. We have several tried and true natural methods to keep your wooden cutting board clean and bacteria free! Always wash them with soap and water first and ... »


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