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Time for a heart-to-heart

Time for a heart-to-heart

Imagine having a friend like your heart, Who works without complaining and never asks for anything; even works when you’re sleeping. Now that’s loyalty! Did you know that the average heart beats over two billion times in a person’s lifetime?  Consider your heart as your best friend, one that will be with you till the day you die, your heart really loves you. Why not look after your heart? You can ... »

Let Only Good Spirits Guide You in 2013 and Beyond

In part I can only share bits and pieces of some of our ancient ways. There is a protocol on how information is passed down about our ceremonies and traditional ways. Many of these ways have been passed down to me directly by my own father who was born on his reservation in 1915, as well as my mother who was also born on her reservation. All of my grandparents on both my mother and father’s side w... »

Food is our First Medicine…

Native American Indian people have always said that food is our first medicine; it heals us, makes us grow and it gives us life. Food is our energy, a life force and a healing medicine. It is widely known, as well as being taught in many colleges, that up to 80 per cent of the food we eat today came from the Americas (North, Central and South) – not only the bean, squash and corn but many, m... »

A Heart Song to Loved Ones…

By an American Indian… Buffalo Child As a Native American Indian, my heart often visualizes reoccurring memories of my children, family and close friends in these holiday seasons. One must remember… Man was not created to be alone; we are social beings, just watch a heard of horses, a pack of wolves, or a flock of geese… Man is no different. When one denies nature, one denies self. If you can’t be... »


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