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Is It Possible For A Decayed Or Abscessed Tooth To Heal?

Is It Possible For A Decayed Or Abscessed Tooth To Heal?

This is a question that I am frequently asked by my members.  Well, the answer is Yes and No. Why? Because we need to look for the “cause” of the problem.  For decay/abscess to occur, it means that the biochemistry/biomechanics of the person is NOT in optimal health.  Having decay in the body, when one is alive and breathing, is not and should not be considered normal. The typical dental response ... »

Save a Tooth or Save a Life? That is the Question

The Root Canal Controversy The controversy surrounding the safety of the root canal procedure has ensued for over a hundred years. Dr. Weston Price discovered long ago that there is no procedure that can completely sterilize a root canalled tooth. Thus, the root canalled tooth becomes a harbor for anaerobic bacteria and their associated toxins. These toxins and bacteria then seep into the surround... »

Could Your Illness or Disease Be Due To Mercury Poisoning? Are your fillings to blame?

Don’t Settle for “It’s Your Hormones Honey!” Going from doctor to doctor and hearing “It’s your hormones honey,” made me want to scream! As an educated person, degreed in Psychology and Dentistry, I knew there were answers I wasn’t getting. The many doctors I consulted with were stymied, as my persistent and chronic symptoms were so varied. Having no... »


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