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A Natural Way to Wash Away Stress – Part 2 of 2

Continuing from part one A Natural Way to Wash Away Stress – Part 1 of 2, here is the second part of David Spector’s article. There are two main methods for learning how to experience the fourth state of consciousness and release our stored stresses: Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Natural Stress Relief (NSR). Although they teach the same effortless, natural mental technique, they use ver... »

A Natural Way to Wash Away Stress – Part 1 of 2

I’d like to introduce everyone to a natural way to wash away the stresses of everyday life that you learn in your own home, costs only $47 for the necessary instructions, and keeps on working for you the rest of your life. It’s called Natural Stress Relief (NSR), and it’s one of the most successful modern forms of the ancient art of meditation. This article will explain why NSR i... »

Eliminate Stress By Transcending Thinking

When “Stress-Relief Tips” Are Not Enough On the Web and in print media you’ll find hundreds of articles dealing with stress, because it is quite possibly the most widespread single problem facing the world today. Each article has its own description of the problem, and its own set of tips for coping. Very few present a solution that fully addresses the problem and that really wor... »


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