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What is TAI CHI?

Tai Chi is an internal Martial Art, originating from China, & is a series of slow movements. The internal styles place emphasis on breathing, (Qi Gong) Now, it is practised, worldwide as an effective, gentle exercise for a healthy mind/body . An art with great depth & knowledge, yet easy to learn & soon delivers health benefits. Tai Chi combines stress reduction with movement to improv... »

What is Reiki and how can it help to change a person’s life

Reiki is a natural healing therapy, that works holistically on all levels, ie. mental , emotional and physically. It is an ancient method of healing, which was rediscovered early in the 20th Century. The Japanese word Rei–ki means Universal Energy and it flows freely through all living things. Reiki is gentle, yet powerful, safe, non- intrusive & can be used on frail and elderly people as well... »


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