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Five Ways to Save Your Children From Vaccination

You know the evils of vaccines and you want to save your children from the immune system destruction that all of the required vaccines cause. What can you do? If you plan on not vaccinating your child, you must make sure they are healthy. The terrain inside the body is the key. 1. Get your child on the proper probiotic as soon as they are born. Most women are probiotic deficient from the use of an... »

Health on a Budget

If someone came to me with the question, “Doc, if all I can afford is $1.50/day to spend on health, what would you recommend?” I’d have the perfect answer. Human form probiotics and pH paper. Human form probiotics, or HMF, are the only probiotics that will colonize the entire human body. Other probiotics sold or those that are in fermented foods or yogurt can help the GI tract, b... »


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