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Five household ingredients for great hair

Five household ingredients for great hair

Did you know that there are common household items in your cabinets right now that you should be using on your hair? These 5 great items not only work wonders for your hair, but since you probably already have them, means you don’t have to go out to buy anything – triple word score! Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (VOC) Hands down, my favorite oil to use for my hair. I discuss at length here why ... »

Want healthy, happy hair? Try coconut oil

Want healthy, happy hair? Try coconut oil

I’m a huge fan of using oils to condition and strengthen our hair and there isn’t any other oil that I hold in higher regards than Virgin Organic Coconut oil. Yep, the same stuff that you cook & bake with is also an amazing oil for your hair. It’s an oil at 75 degrees F and a solid below that. The great benefits that Virgin Organic Coconut oil has for your hair is that it is scientifically pro... »

Happy Holiday Season Hair

We have once again reached the holiday season – that time to give thanks, gifts and eat, eat, eat. With all of the entertaining we plan to do for the next couple of months, I have put together a simple guide of your favorite meals that you are sure to encounter and how they will benefit your goal of healthy hair growth. Let’s start with my favorite type of meal, pie – Sweet potato pie ... »

I just love Fall

I just love Fall: the layering of clothes, great boots and dryer air which means less frizz; and that’s a great thing right? Well, not so much. With dry air also means no moisture and that’s moisture you won’t be getting in your hair. Because curly hair tends to be dry and brittle (especially on the ends), it’s important that you add what’s been taken away. Here are 5 easy tips to keep your curls ... »


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