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Pampering the Soul and Skin

Are you one of those people who opens the lid of everything to have a sniff before you buy it? Are you drawn into a shop or to a person because of the way they smell? Likewise aroma can also be a distinct turn off- too much perfume on the wrong person at the wrong moment can leave an aromatic scar for ever! Aroma preference is a very personal thing and involves many complicated chemical process in... »

Use your pantry! Getting the best from your natural skin care products

Most of us will have a few ingredients lurking in our pantry which can easily be adapted to be used for some everyday home made products to use as a treat on your skin and body. This is a great way to make bespoke products just for you or your family, as well as saving some money which is always handy. The following ingredients are handy to have: ground almonds/oatmeal/seaweed/cocoa powder/raw sug... »

The Sweet Smell of Success

Meet Dr Wendy Maddocks-Jennings (RN, DHlthSc), who has a nose for sniffing out sweet-smelling and therapeutic ingredients for her range of natural skin are range. A New Zealander, Wendy has been involved in health care, education, research and complementary health for more than 25 years and she is now New Zealand’s only health professional with a research doctorate exploring the use of specific co... »


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